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Is self care really that important? 

YES! Absolutely! As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have witnessed hundreds of clients who were struggling with depression, anxiety, and many other negative emotions that were severely impacting there day to day success and well being. For many of them, coming to counseling was almost too little too late.

I believe that through consistent self care we can PREVENT things like depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Through taking care of yourself first and foremost, you can be the best YOU, best wife/husband, best mother/father, best in your career, your best EVERYTHING!

Why is a self care membership valuable? 

A few reasons.

First of all, as an IOME member you receive exclusive discounts to services you may already be using or services that you want to utilize but feel guilty doing so. These discounts with the convenience of booking and the confidence in their quality, offers the guilt free self care that we are all in need of.

Secondly, it’s the accountability the All Inclusive and Standard Memberships offer. I am sure I’m not the only one who quietly sets a goal and quickly quits because no one is holding me accountable. In your IOME membership, you will receive an initial one on one consultation with a trained mental health supporter. From there, you and your supporter will identify goals. Then once per month, you will have a scheduled one on one appointment with your supporter for accountability AND weekly check ins. You two will discuss the progress of your goals, changes needed to be made in each goal, and identify additional support if needed.

Next, we need to close the gap between the “I know I should take care of myself….” to the actual booking of the appointment! So often we are the first to go to the end of our to do list. IOME has simplified the process. Instead of having to “google” massage therapy, nutrition, mental health, etc, (which can be so overwhelming) IOME has done the work for you. With your trained supporter, you two will be able to identify what services will be most valuable to you and book the session right then and there! At a discount too! No more… “It’s on my to-do list, just haven’t gotten to it!”

You will also have an opportunity to learn different skills in our monthly events that you can utilize and benefit from right away! From cooking classes to reducing anxiety, to just plain socializing at a brewery, these events will be specific and just what you need to increase your overall well-being.


What's the one on one initial consult and accountability? 
In person, with a real live person! Yay! (or confidentially through Telehealth) This is something IOME is so proud to offer. This day and age I believe we are craving interpersonal connection. Sure, there are a ton of blogs, books, and videos out there regarding self care. But there isn’t anything more valuable than an in person (or video conference call) one on one conversation where you will be heard, valued, and personally supported.


Who will I be working with?
You will be assigned to work with one of IOME’s Trained Supporters. All of our Trained Supporters are Mental Health Providers. Ranging from Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and/or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. All of whom have a Master’s Degree and supervised experience in order to be Licensed by the state of Colorado. The Trained Supporter will be selected for you to best fit your individual needs.


Can I sign up for a month or two?
Unfortunately, no. IOME believes there needs to be a commitment in order for you to really see and feel the results. That is why the IOME Membership Agreement is a 6 month commitment. It would be difficult to notice an improvement in just one or two months.


I live out of town or state, can I sill sign up?

Yes! IOME doesn’t want physical boundaries to keep you from experiencing guilt free self care!

All of membership types are available to out of towners :)

In the All Inclusive and Standard memberships, you will be able to still take advantage of the one on one consultation and monthly accountability sessions, we will be using a secure HIPAA compliant video conference tool for our sessions.

For the Basic Membership, you will have access to the different services and/or products that can be delivered or offered virtually.


What services are in the all inclusive membership?
There will be many to choose from. The IOME member with an All Inclusive Membership will be able to select one FREE Self Care Service to redeem each month. Examples would be a massage therapy service, mental health counseling, life coaching, personal training sessions, ThetaPod experience, etc. Value is from $70-125 per service each month!


Can I change the type of membership I have during the 6 month agreement?
Yes! That is A-Okay! If you originally signed up for the Basic Membership then two months in realize you want to upgrade to the All Inclusive Membership, you would need to simply complete an updated Agreement Form.

“You deserve the best because your loved ones deserve the best of you.”

- Becky Lauridsen 
IOME Founder



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